Member of the House CV

Salutation Honorable Member picture
Last Name Mohamed
Middle Name: Rashid
First Name: Hamad
Date of Birth: 1st of March 1950
Member Type: President Nominee
Constituency: -
Political Party: ADC
Office Location Chukwani - Zanzibar
Telephone Number: -
Mobile Number: +255 777865662
Office Email: -
Personal Email:
Year Started: 2016
Terms: 3rd

School Name/Location Course/Degree/Award Start Date End Date Level
Chakechake Boys Primary School Primary Education 1958 1968 Primary
Chanjanjawiri  First Cycle Secondary School Secondary Education 1969 1970 O - level
Fidel Castro College Secondary Education 1970 1971 O - level
Kivukoni Ideological College (Zanzibar) Diploma on Political Science  - 1971 Diploma
St. Francis Xaviour University (Canada) Diploma on Social Development Studies - 1981 Diploma
London College of Management Studies, United Kingdom Post Graduate Diploma on Management - - Post Graduate

Institution /Company Position From Date End Date
PBZ In charge of People's Bank of Zanzibar, Wete Branch 1976 1977
Government of Tanzania Shadow Minister of Foreign affairs and International Cooperation 1987 1988
Self Employed Business man 1988 1995
Government of Tanzania Deputy Minister of Home Affairs 1992 1997
Government of Tanzania Deputy Minister of Finance and Economy 2001 2005
IPU External Auditor 2014 2015
Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources, Livestock and Fisheries, Zanzibar Minister 2016 To date

Political Party /Location Position From Date End Date
Parliament of Tanzania Member of Parliament for South Region of Pemba 1977 1988
Parliament of Tanzania Commissioner of Service Commission of the Parliament of the United Republic of Tanzania 1979 1982
Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar Member of Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar and Member of Zanzibar House of Representatives 1984 1985
Zanzibar House of Representatives Member 1995 2000
Parliament of Tanzania Chairman of SADCOPC 2006 2010
Parliament of Tanzania Chairman of the Public Account Committee 2006 2010
Parliament of Tanzania Member of Parliament and Leader of Opposition 2005 2010
Parliament of Tanzania Member of Parliament and Member of Finance and Economic Committee 2010 2013
- Member of World Economy Form of the World Bank/IMF 2014 2015
CUF Member of United Civil Society for Disaster Risk Reduction 2013 2015
Parliament of Parliament Member of inter Parliamentary Union and Vice President of Standing Committee of Sustainable Development Finance and Trade  and Member of Finance and Economic Committee 2012 2015
ADC Guardian/ Patron  of the Party 2015 To date

Name Location From Date End Date Award
Project Management and Leadership Sal ford University, United Kingdom - - Eligible Current Student with Acceptable Criteria with ID @0044247
Leadership Course Pyongyang University DRPK - 1984 Certificate
Leadership Course World Bank Institute /IMF Function, U.S.A, and World Bank Institute, WDC, U.S.A - - Certificate
Leadership Course Norway - - Certificate

Hon. Zubeir Ali Maulid (Speaker)

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